Our Story


As a team of past collegiate athletes ourselves we wondered how we grew up with the dream of making it to the collegiate level, which allowed us not only to attain our higher education but playing the sport we love at our highest potential. FTR was founded on this principal of helping others reach their own highest potential, opening up doors both to attend college as a collegiate athlete as well as move on to the professional realm


While personal training as a side gig, we noticed athletes needed more than just the ordinary show up and train and go back home. They wanted a space where they have extended access to coaches and additional drills and workouts that they can perform anywhere. Hence we came up with a game plan.


The idea of FTR started to materialized, and the project was set forth. As a team of ex-collegiate athlete’s working with other athlete’s in the professional arena we refined the blue-print for the FTR platform. We drafed a handful of document directed only towards what would make sense to effectively help athletes not only reach but surpass their goals


Once the design concept was complete, endless hours were spent not only creating the product but recruiting top talent to coach on our platform. The backbone of FTR was carefully crafted to suite the needs of Athletes in all major sports and fitness areas.