Frequently Asked Questions

What is FTR?

FTR is platform meant to not only connect you with our elite coaches but to fully integrate and maintain your focus on only one thing, vastly improving your athletic performance. Immerse your self in FTR, via customized training sessions with coaches in person and/or via our comprehensive live-streaming service. Supplement your sessions with additional offline video content made by your own personal coach, as well as stay engaged with the latest blogs and postings from your coach. Our mission here at FTR is to produce the highest performing, top tier athletes in various sports that will be ready to play at the collegiate level. We will stop at nothing to ensure your skill sets are honed to your top most level as an athlete.

How can I join FTR?

Join FTR by downloading the app from the Apple app store or the Google play store, then create your account via the mobile app and find your coach! Additionally, you can sign up on our website through the webapp, seen on the top right corner of every page labeled “My Account”

Is it FTR free?

FTR is absolutely free to sign up and search for coaches. Free content and sessions are available from various coaches on the platform, to allow you to try out a coach for free. After the designated free sessions are used you will only be charged by the rates that the coaches set and marginal processing fee.

How do I find a coach

Once you create an account with us, press on the middle dock tab in the mobile app to look up coaches in your area. You can filter based on ratings, prices, and distance from a location that you set. View their profiles and book a session with a coach that best fits you!

How do I connect with my friends

Simple. In the Athlete’s app press on the “My profile” icon in the top right corner. Once on the my profile page on the top enter in your friends username. From there you can compare your workout history against theirs and what their top workouts sessions are.

Is there a money back guarantee

Here at FTR we have hand picked every coach, diving into their coaching and athletic experience ensuring we have some of the most elite coaches on our platform. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your coach you can contact FTR at contact@FTR.com within 36 hrs to request a full refund for your session.

Is FTR on social media?

Yes we are! Follow the latest FTR news and stay updated on upcoming events, as well as giveaways! Please see a link to our handles below.
Instagram: @ftr_life
Facebook: @getftr
Twitter: @FTRlife

Is there a FTR community support group?

The FTR community is comprised of athletes around the U.S. in various sports. In our facebook community page view various stories behind the success of athletes on FTR. Visit our blog page to see more in depth featured stories, and message one of our social media handles below to see if you can be featured yourself on our website!

Instagram: @ftr_life
Facebook: @getftr
Twitter: @FTRlife

What methods of training are available?

We have 5 main session types
In person
  1. 1 on 1/ small group- consisting of 5 or less people being trained under the same account.
  2. Large group - Any coach setup event such as a camp/large group sessions that consist of Athletes from various accounts. These will generally have greater than 5 athletes being trained at one time.

Live Streaming
  1. 1 on 1/ small group virtual session conducted simply by using your mobile device, where the view can be casted onto a larger device such as your TV.
  2. Large group virtual session simply by using your mobile device, where the view can be casted onto a larger device such as your TV.

Video Training
  1. Take training with you on the go and repeat workouts to fine tune a specific area of your game, with playback content from your favorite coaches near and far.

How do I know FTR is safe?

All coaches on coach up are highly trained professionals. Not only do they have extensive athletic experience, but we also put each coach through an extensive background check including Identification Check, Sex Offender Check as well as a National Criminal Check to ensure FTR is a safe space for all. In addition, any reports submitted to FTR about a coach is highly scrutinized and will be investigated.

What are general good practices when using FTR?

It is recommended that all scheduling/booking, payments and communication take place on the FTR platforms (mobile and desktop apps), to enable the FTR support team to investigate any issue should they arrive. If you have any questions or issues please email contact@FTR.com and we will get back to you within 1 business day.